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We are excited

to announce that the Dennis Messing Memorial Fund is expanding!  In addition to supporting individuals in need of 12 step sober living and children affected by Substance Use Disorder, we will be expanding our services by providing a space for resources and education for any  and all individuals who suffer from SUD and co-occurring disorders.  Due to this change, we will be officially changing our name to “Resources for Recovery”.  

The Dennis Messing Memorial Foundation was founded in 2015

and officially became a public charity (501c3) in 2016.  A 100% volunteer and grassroots organization, the mission is simple. We are dedicated to providing families and individuals struggling with alcohol and substance abuse disorders with support, resources and financial aid so that they are given the opportunity to attend 12 step treatment facilities.  Heroin abuse in the U.S. has catapulted into an epidemic and Boston has not come out unscathed. After losing a family member and a close friend from overdose and addiction, I realized that I could not attend another funeral and I needed to take action. 

         In 2015, a close friend was back in treatment after years of struggling, however, had no access to a 12 step treatment facility.  He truly wanted help, so with his permission, I started a GoFundMe campaign and raised over $2,000 in a few days. Upon talking about the finances needed to enter these facilities, my friend Kim offered to write a check from an existing fund that was set up in memory of her late husband, Dennis Messing. This small act of kindness and generosity is what created the Dennis Messing Memorial Foundation (DMMF).  

        In the first two years of our existence, we have helped over 30 individuals to get the help that they so desperately need. In December of 2016, we launched DMMF KIDS which provides assistance for the many children that are left behind.  Financial aid is available for activities such as camp and sports and simple necessities like school supplies and car seats. 

Amy H Busch   

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is to provide a Resource Center dedicated to working and engaging with families to provide the tools they may need to navigate and find themselves or their loved ones the most effective treatment possible.

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We hope to service our community and provide support to anyone affected by substance use disorder.


Every little bit helps,


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